Species and subspecies

Thamnophis marcianus marcianus, Davis Mountains, West-Texas, USA
Under – Species – you can find all the different species or subspecies of Gartersnakes and Watersnakes I am currently breeding or that I hope to breed in the coming season.

I will update the list when changes occur.


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New species

A few interesting and relatively unknown (sub)species have recently been added to my collection: Thamnophis conanti from Veracruz, Mexico; Thamnophis scaliger from Michoácan, Mexico; Thamnophis scalaris and Thamnophis eques eques both from Mexico, Mexico and a subspecies (that has not been described yet and probably a new one) of Thamnophis eques from Lago de Zirahuen, Michoácan, Mexico. In 2014 I also bred the first babies of Thamnophis eques virgatenuis, a subspecies with very striking whitish blue stripes on an almost black ground color. In 2014 I also had the first babies of Thamnophis elegans elegans, a very nice subspecies of Thamnophis elegans that had disappeared for more then 10 years from European and UK collections.

Information on the different species.

For each (sub)species I am breeding I will give some short characteristics about behavior in captivity, coloration and ease of maintenance. As you can see I have not been able to do that for all species, so this is work in progress (my apologies). I will also make some remarks about the original population they originate from (if known of course) and about their natural habitat. When there is ( * ) behind the species name information will follow soon…