My outdoor terrarium. May 3rd 2013; how the sun shines in the terrarium over the course of the day

May 3rd 2013.

In order to have a better understanding how different it is for a snake to be kept outdoors versus indoors and how the sunshine and the basking possibilities change over the course of a day I took some pictures on a beautiful sunny day in May. Early May the days are very long already and we are just about 6 weeks away from the longest day of the year. May, June and July the sun is standing high and those are the months with the most sun hours in my outdoor terrarium. Hence these are the best months for my snakes.

8 AM, May 3rd 20138.33 AM, May 3rd 20139.19 AM, May 3rd 2013

8 AM the sun is already shining in some parts of the terrarium and on beautiful warm days the snakes can be active already before 8 AM. Around  8.30 AM the sun is already shining strong in the terrarium and the basking can start. This remains this favourable all morning.

11 AM, May 3rd 201311.01 AM, May 3rd 201311.27 AM, May 3rd 2013

Around 11 AM you can already see the shadow part growing caused by the garage wall, but still plenty of good basking possibilities.

1.00 PM May 3rd 20131.41 PM, May 3rd 20132.22 PM, May 3rd 2013

Towards 2 PM a large part of the terrarium is without sun and the snakes have to really choose good basking possibilities. At 2.30 PM there is just a small corner with sunshine where you can often find the snakes enjoying the last sunrays.

3.08 PM, May 3rd 20133.09 PM, May 3rd 20133.11 PM, May 3rd 2013

On the pictures you see the last basking spots around 3 – 3.15 PM. Once there is no sun shining directly in the terrarium the snakes disappear, although on warmer days they can be basking without sun until late in the evening.


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