My outdoor terrarium, May 19th -31st 2013

This period in May was cold and dark.

The amount of sun hours was way below average and temperatures were low. Maximum day temperatures varied from 10-15C. The snakes were active at certain moments, but not a lot. End of the months temperatures started to rise and on May 25th , 26th and 31st max day temperatures reached the 20C.

May 31st I made some pictures.

The male T.s.pickeringii had the typical bluish-grey belly and eyes as a sign of an upcoming shedding.

Male T.s.pickeringii gets ready for shedding.T.s.pickeringii x T.ordinoides (hybrid) female basking on the ferns.

The hybrid female was basking on the ferns.

The highlight of the day was a true mating of the couple T.radix. The largest female crawled into the Taxus bush and pulled the male along.

Mating T.radixMating T.radix

Smelt offered.I also offered smelt.

The few warm days end of May had increased the appetite of the snakes so also the N.sipedon specimens, that had not or hardly eaten so far in 2013, started to eat large amounts. Of course this was necessary since the last good meal was autumn 2012.
Largest N.sipedon female eating smelt.





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