My outdoor terrarium, June 8th -16th 2013

These days were slightly cooler with temperatures reaching the 17-20 ⁰C.
Also the sun was not as bright as the days before.

But the radiation and temperatures were sufficient for the snakes to be active.

Somewhere around June 13th the male pickeringii finally shed its skin fort eh 1st time in 2013, and after that he always looks radiant. Especially when he has eaten a lot.

T.s.pickeringii has recently shed its skin.T.s.pickeringii feeding

T.s. pickeringii drinking from the pondT.s.pickeringii is very well adapted to the Dutch climate and is the first snake to become active, start feeding and now also the first one to shed its skin.

Also a picture of T.spickeringii drinking from the pool.

The female N.sipedon also eat a lot as you can see.

N.sipedon female has eaten a lot.N.sipedon has eaten a lot

T.radix is basking with the 3 of them.
The large female eat a lot.

T.radix basking on ferns.T.radix basking on ferns.

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