My outdoor terrarium, June 17th – 27th 2013

This period started with some warm days, but the last days were cooler again and somewhat chilly.

Skin of recently shed large radix femaleJune 27th temperatures was around 17 – 20 ⁰C, skies half overcast.
On this day de large T.radix female shed its skin for the first time.

In a outdoor terrarium you useually cannot fin much skins since they are eaten rapidly by the arthropods.

The large radix female loos radiant,e specially since she has eaten a lot.

Large radix female that recently shed her skinLarge radix female that recently shed her skin

Also the smaller T.radix female has shed its skin around June 20th fort eh 1st time. But she has not come out of hibernation in good health and I am not sure if she will make it.

Small T.radix femaleNew T.radix maleOrange T.radix male

Early June a new male radix was added to the group and he is doing fine and feeding well.
The orange male radix looks good and radiant so I think he has shed its skin as well.

The male  pickeringii is basking in the eraly sun, waiting for the sunrays.

Basking male T.s.pickeringiiN.sipedon basking in the ferns

One of the sipedon females is basking on the ferns and she looks like she will shed soon.

Nerodia sipedon always starts up later in the season.

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