My outdoor terrarium, April 28th – 30th 2013

Beautiful T. radix male with orange dorsal stripe basking in the terrarium. April 28th 2013 was a beautiful sunny day.

The male T.s.pickeringii, the T.radix couple and 2 specimens of N.sipedon were active and basking.

April 29th it was sunny as well but a little bit on the cool side; maximum day temperature of appr. 12 °C. Only the male T.s.pickeringii and the T.radix couple were active. I offered some food (smelt) for the 1st time this year. Only the male T.s.pickeringii excepted food for the first time in 2013.

N.sipedon insularum basking between the vegetation.April 30th started cloudy and it was not until noon that the sun started to shine (not very bright). Temperatures were so low that only the male pickeringii with its full stomach had to bask.

Headdetail N. sipedon insularum.

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