Mating behavior of the Chapala Mexican Garter Snake

These unique recordings were made on November 22, 2009 in Lake Chapala (Jalisco, Mexico).On a floating reed beds in the lake about 10 meters from the shore were several Thamnophis Eques obscurus sparing observed.
The reed bed was part of a reed beds from about 20 sqm.

Around 10.30 AM several mating snakes were observed.
A woman, a little small then a 1 meter, was actively mating by four different men.
One of these men had a distinctive dark head. Closely a second women was sunbathing, also with a large man at her side.
A few yards there was a third woman with milky white eyes, indicating that she would soon be peeling. A big man was lying at her side.
Furthermore, there were a few more men sunbathing.

A total of at least nine different major Chapala Mexican Garter Snake (6.3) was observed almost simultaneously, all around 75-95 inches long.
To my knowledge these are the first images of Chapala Mexican Garter Snakes mating in the wild.



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