Albino Chapala Garter Snakes (Thamnophis eques obscurus) are born..!

May 12th 2015 litter no.4 of 2015 was a fact.

One of my two female (that heterozygote for albino) Thamnophis eques obscurus had just given birth to 17 babies.

The father was an albino male of 3 years old.

Thamnophis eques obscurusThamnophis eques obscurusThamnophis eques obscurus

This albino gene only expressis recessively and the litter was exactly how the theory would predict: 8 (homozygote) albino babies and 9 heterozygote albino babies that look normal.

Baby eques obscurus are usually quite big at birth: 226 mm – 263 mm total length.

On the pictures you some (homozygote) albino babies.

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